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Application Developer

The Application Developer (also known as an Application Engineer) defines the:

  • Application solutions that meet Customer requirements,
  • Physical software design from the detailed application requirements.


The main responsibilities of the Application Developer are to:

  • Identify, define, and model the application requirements,
  • Define data structures and distribution to satisfy the application solution,
  • Define application solutions that meet Customer requirements,
  • Act as the main project team liaison between the Customer Representatives,
  • Prepare deliverables to support the development and deployment of the solution such as application guides and test plans,
  • Design and build prototypes. On a RAD project, the Application Engineer builds the Rapid Prototype, which becomes the application system.

Key Role Interactions

 These interactions are guidelines only and do not reflect all possible project organizations.

  • Application Architect. Develops application solutions to meet the business needs.
  • Data Architect. Develops an information architecture to meet the business needs.
  • Technical Architect. Obtains guidance and support on the implementation of specific technologies.
  • Team Leader. Reports on the status of assigned tasks and estimates and raises problems and concerns for resolution. Raises scope issues for resolution.
  • Human Factors Analyst. Reviews screen, report, and dialogue design and provides feedback.

Application Developer is for jobs and employment by the students of computer training programs, courses, diplomas, degrees like B.C.A., B.Sc (IT), B.A. (Computer), PGDCA, B.Tech and M.C.A. of various universities like Punjabi University, Punjab University, GNDU as well as P.T.U.  The distance learning students also take training . It’s taught by various computer centers and training institutes but CCIT institute is most preferred training institute in Ludhiana and the students consider in best training center in Punjab as well as among north of India.They also learn to enhance the employment and job prospects, enhance their skills or get a better job.

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