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Category: Hi Tech Skill Foundation | Duration: 8 Weeks, 5 days a week

Training Objective:

Web development is very exciting. There’s nothing like the feeling you have after you place your first dynamic web site online, and see your little toy in action while other people are actually using it!

Web development with ASP.NET is particularly exciting. If you’ve worked with other server-side technologies, you’ll be a little shocked by the differences. ASP.NET really is a unique technology, and it provides new and extremely efficient ways to create web applications using the programming language with which you feel most comfortable. ASP.NET is simple to use. Whether you want to create simple web forms, feature-rich shopping carts, or even complex enterprise applications, ASP.NET can help you do it. All the tools you’ll need to get up and running are immediately available and easy to install, and require very little initial configuration.

Training Mode:

  • Instructor led training in classroom and lab setup
  • Interactive instructor led training through web

Who can participate?

Anybody can participate who have interest or intention to make use of this technology. It is specifically the entry point for Web Application Development career using .net platform.

Commitment from the Participant:

The prerequisite condition for joining this program is the agreement from participant for following commitments and responsibilities during this training:

  • Exploring this field on web as well as real world being an active participant in training
  • Taking own responsibility for attaining desired goal in skill attainment
  • Spending ample time regularly on skill practice and read reference material
  • To add value to the learning and training environment of the institution
  • Regularity and punctuality for attending the training session
  • Adhering to the rules, regulations, decorum as well as manners for class, training session and for being a student at this institute.

Admission Procedure:

For getting the admission in this course, the candidate can contact Program Counselor or Program Manager for knowing the date of commencement of the course, time slot and counseling session.

Program Counselor: Ms. Sonia Chhabra ; Contact Number: +91-9878100815

Program Manager: Ms. Divya Chhabra; Contact Number: +91-8727000815


Instructor led training in classroom and lab setup: Indian Rupees 6500/- (US $130)

Interactive instructor led training through web: Rupees 8500/- (US $ 170)

Course Contents:

  • Introducing ASP.NET and the .NET Platform
  • ASP.NET Basics
  • C# Programming Basics
  • Constructing ASP.NET Web Pages
  • Building Web Applications
  • Using the Validation Controls
  • Database Design and Development
  • Speaking SQL
  • Displaying Content Using Data Lists
  • Managing Content Using GridView and DetailsView
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