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Candidates for this exam are seeking to prove introductory knowledge of and skills with databases, including relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. It is recommended that candidates be familiar with the concepts of and have hands-on experience with the technologies described here.

Candidates for this exam are in the process of expanding their knowledge and skills in the following areas:
  1. Core database concepts
  2. Relational database concepts
  3. Security requirements for databases and the data stored in them
  4. Database objects, such as tables and views
  5. Graphical tools and T-SQL scripts
  6. Database queries
  7. Stored Procedures
Category: Microsoft Certifications | Duration: 6 months, 5 days a week

Admission Procedure:

For getting the admission in this course, the candidate can contact Program Counselor or Program Manager for knowing the date of commencement of the course, time slot and counseling session.

Program Counselor: Ms. Sonia Chhabra ; Contact Number: +91-9878100815

Program Manager: MsDivya Chhabra; Contact Number: +91-8727000815


Instructor led training in classroom and lab setup: Indian Rupees 30000/- (US $546)

Interactive instructor led training through web: Rupees 32000/- (US $ 582 )

Course Contents & Weightage of topics in Exam:

Understanding Core Database Concepts (23 percent)

Understanding Core Database Concepts (23 percent)

Creating Database Objects (23 percent)

Manipulating Data (26 percent)

Understanding Data Storage (17 percent)

Administering a Database (11 percent)

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