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During internship:

  1. You come to know about many professional areas, career avenues, route to achieve your goal.
  2. You are able to distinguish between non-relevant opinions and concrete facts for your career.
  3. You choose one specific professional area in IT for you and make your goal.
  4. You self access your under-developed IT skills required for your specific professional area.
  5. Enhance IT skills to a level required for success in specific professional area of your choice.
  6. You get present to the workplace skills, etiquettes and manners for extraordinary career.
  7. You practice workplace skills, etiquettes and manners for your professional success.
  8. Know and develop professional acumen and practice them while doing assignments or projects.
  9. Access your performance level and find your own personal areas to be developed for excellence.
  10. Develop most essential values for successful career in IT.

A training fee is involved for joining Internships Training Programs but few students are provided fee weaver up to 90% based on their interview or written exam. The interns are also stipend after few months of successful internship depending upon performance level.

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