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Systems engineering is a highly hands-on role. The systems engineer helps a company develop and maintain the many different technical components that make up a system. Systems engineer is an interdisciplinary field of engineering focusing on how complex engineering projects should be designed and managed over their life cycles. Issues such as logistics, the coordination of different teams, and automatic control of machinery become more difficult when dealing with large, complex projects. Systems engineering deals with work-processes and tools to manage risks on such projects, and it overlaps with both technical and human-centered disciplines such as control engineering, industrial engineering, organizational studies, and project management.

A systems engineer that focuses on local-area and wide-area networks (LAN/WAN), for example, may be expected to:

  • manage and monitor LAN/WAN network services;
  • recommend and acquire equipment replacements and upgrades;
  • maintain an inventory of all network devices;
  • draft and maintain LAN/WAN documentation and processes;
  • introduce and integrate new technologies into existing data center environments;
  • perform routine audits of systems and software; and
  • troubleshoot any reported problems.

Similarly, the duties of a systems engineer who focuses on Microsoft products may include:

  • installing, configuring, updating and maintaining server software/hardware;
  • high-level problem troubleshooting;
  • replacing failed hardware and addressing system problems;
  • tracking system capacity (CPU, memory, disk space, etc.) and reporting/correcting any issues;
  • installing software upgrades and security patches, and monitoring for intrusion signs;

Systems Engineer is for jobs and employment by the students of computer training programs, courses, diplomas, degrees like B.C.A., B.Sc (IT), B.A. (Computer), PGDCA, B.Tech and M.C.A. of various universities like Punjabi University, Punjab University, GNDU as well as P.T.U.  The distance learning students also take training . It’s taught by various computer centers and training institutes but CCIT institute is most preferred training institute in Ludhiana and the students consider in best training center in Punjab as well as among north of India.They also learn to enhance the employment and job prospects, enhance their skills or get a better job.

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